Playing online games for free on mobile devices

How to play online casino games for free on your mobile device? Read this advice.

The first few things that you should be looking for while playing free casino games on your phone are trust and security. Your online casino must not have any spyware on its software to check on what all you do with your mobile device. That said, playing slots, roulette, etc. on your smartphone is enjoyable and easy. Sign up on today and begin playing online slots, craps, bingo,baccarat, blackjack and other games for free.

Basic tips before starting

Always play on a secure network, never use public WiFi like in coffee shops, airports, etc. Never share your bank account number, password, etc.while creating your online casino account. Give a wide berth to gambling sites that ask for deposits in exchange for playing free. Also, avoid those online casinos that promise you big wins in exchange for money or some private information. It is always better to read online reviews of free casino sites before starting your game.

Every online slots has a set of instructions for the gamer. Read all of those and become a master in your game. Roulette and blackjack have universal rules and we will talk about them later. Playing on mobile phones is easier these days. Your device can connect with the internet in most parts of your town . Secondly, you can play your game undisturbed by ads, and pop ups. Third, your casino would automatically adjust its game view to your phone screen.

  • Create your online casino account in a few easy steps
  • Improve your game by playing it for free
  • Not every online casino offers free games

Online slots and how to play them

Ever played candy and fruit based slots in land-based casinos? You can play those on your mobile phone too. Called Classic slots, their game play is simple. Line up a few similar symbols on a payline and you can win your game. In real money games, these symbols have different values. For example, the low paying symbols would be fruits while the high paying ones would bars, 7s, bells, etc. You can play free games on video slots too.

Video slots come with various themes such as in Gonzo's Quest, Guns N'Roses. Every video slot is marked by special graphics, animation, sound effects, etc. Like classic slots, video games have symbols too. The low value ones are Ace, Jack, King, Queen, 10 and sometimes 9. High paying symbols vary from one video slot to another and depend upon their slots' themes. For example, in Guns N' Roses, the high paying symbol is the guitar.

Free Online Roulette

Notwithstanding that roulette is a high paying game, you can still play it for free on your mobile device. It is a table based game where players have to bet on the number on which the ball would fall and come to rest. The European roulette wheel is divided into several numbered sections from 0 to 36. In the American version, the wheel has an additional section for a double zero. Both these versions have marginally different odds and payouts.

Online blackjack for free

You can play blackjack for free on your mobile device. It is a card based game where the player has to beat the dealer with a deck hand that totals 21 or less. The layer loses his money if his hand exceeds 21. Cards are valued thus; All numbered cards are valued basis their printed numbers. Therefore, a 10 will have a value of 10, 5 will have 5 and so on. Face cards such as King, Jack, Queen are valued at 10.

  • An Ace carries a value of 11 or 1
  • Play blackjack with several strategies like Surrender, Double Down, Split, etc.

Online Bingo

Bingo is played between members of the family and among friends. Online bingo is played on Bingo cards. These cards can be found easily on the internet. Each card has 25 random numbers printed over it and arranged in rows and columns. The word BINGO is printed on the top area of the card and all the numbers are arranged column wise under letters of this word. That player wins who finds all the right letter-number combinations in a row or column.

Other important things

Play your favourite game by downloading it on your device or by just accessing it on the web. If you prefer the latter, you need Flash or Shockwave in your device. If you are an Apple owner, your device might not support some software so check with your reseller or manufacturer. Online games can be downloaded and installed on your device. All you have to is connect your device to the internet and empty up some space.


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